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Originally Posted by 335i Piotr View Post
That's what worries me. This was a demo car. According to their policies, on M cars you should have a chaperone with you until the break-in is completed. But who wants to come in and test drive M3 and only go up to 5500 rpms. So the car might have seen some abuse. Thanks for your input. I appreciate it.
I was let out alone twice with the M3 and consider my self repsectful of anything borrowed / not mine. Temptation is temptation though

A lot of people will say that the break in "restrictions" are not a huge deal, and drive it like they stole it the second they took delivery. Heck, some will even argue that their Ms use less oil with this reckless abandon for break in.

Unless there is a lot of action on the existing 2009, you may want to see what a 2011 will go for, then you can get a true comparison. Once the 2011s are available you may see the 2009 drop more. The insurance will likely be cheaper on the 2009.

If the existing 2010 is not what you are looking for, then don't even consider it...don't compromise on this purchase.

Before I ordered my 2009, the Bavarian dealer here in Graf was able to search all existing inventory (beyond their own for a car and found a JB E93 at Pentagon in K-town, but I prefered to go with a lighter color. That may be an option for you too.
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