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Originally Posted by Marousen View Post
I bought my e92 m3 in USA and I'm now driving it in Switzerland. I would like to know how can I update the navigation system (GPS ) ? Is the DVD enough to make it work with Swiss maps ?
Thanks ..
With the new iDrive (hard disk) you probably need to have the dealer connect it to their diagnostic system and load the European maps. When they do that, make sure they 1) don't load something called "Testmaps" because they will not work well and 2) ask them to update the navigation software to the latest version which is 1.46 and maybe even update the main software ISTP/A (or something like that) to version 36. Basically its an all night job where they leave the car connected and uploaded the new software (the BMW manual says that a map update can be done with DVD but I haven't heard of anyone having success doing that yet).

I hightly recommend finding a dealer that is aware of or has experience with US-spec cars...and if they don't push them to make contact with Munich to make sure they know what to do. Alternatively, you might want to make a trip to the Ramstein area and find one of the dealers there that has experience with all the USMIL US-spec cars.

Another thing to check (I have not succeeded with this) is whether they can switch your FM radio over to European freqs (even decimals as well as odd). Used to be possible, so far, no one with a 2009 has been able to have it done. You'll also find that RTTI and BMW Assist are inoperable.

There is a group of US-spec car owners on the board by the way (see the M-Flight/US spec car subforum).

Did you have to do much to get your car registered in Switzerland or are you (like some of us) exempt from having to make the European modifications?

Good luck.