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Originally Posted by JDy80 View Post
Be careful where you park there. I took my car to that mall after Thanksgiving and parked it at the Lord & Tayor parking garage (3rd floor, very well lit, somewhat busy) and came back to a broken lock. Someone had tried to break in with a screwdriver or something. Suffice to say, I don't think I'll be ever going back there anytime soon. Paramus Police called me recently saying they don't have any leads yet, but their has been an increasing amount of incidents happening around the area. I'd only go back there if I can hire a midget to hide out inside the trunk and wack anyone who tries to do anything.

OMG the same thing happen to me with my 03 X5 4.6is that I had a few mods done to 3 years ago. It was in the GSP garage 3rd floor towards the back by Nieman Marcus I actually caught them in the act when it happen!! Since I parked far away from the entrance and the rest of the cars, what they would do was park there old white Lexus SC400 real close to my car. I can still remember the plate. RBB80A I believe. However since it was three of them and only myself and my brother and I had no idea if they were armed or not I just pretended to get in my car and leave. The guy was basically shaking a can of fix-a-flat to make believe his car had a flat. There was also two other guys in his car. My key hole was also popped. Long story short since I got their plate when I watched them leave I gave it to the Paramus Police department. Car was titled to a woman in Newark whose bf was busted twice already for grand theft auto. BTW they weren't white if you get my hint so watch where ya park and whose around!