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Originally Posted by rldzhao View Post
Due to the overheating of stock brakes, I've adapted to braking early to reduce the rate of energy input into the rotors. I do still get some issues on long straightaways. Since the Motons are supposed to make me go even faster, I had to get them upgraded

There are 18s that fit the 380mm front kit, which I chose over 355mm kit for heat management. From others on the forums these should be more than adequate.
Gotcha, I guess I'm being hopeful that my stock calipers will do the job. I was able to get a slight bit of fade and my front rotors did get some good surface cracks, but I'm still not ready to give up on the old single pistons just yet. I did feel that the stopping distance was a bit long with the stock brakes and have a hunch that the fronts were doing too much work. I'm sure the stoptech's thow a bit more bias rearward for more overall stopping power.

Do those 380mm's work with the stock 18's?