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Originally Posted by RickyBobby View Post
Nice looking brakes!
Curious as to why you upgraded. Were you having problems with your stock brakes or is this just a safety margin? I've owned two sets of stoptechs in the past and was very happy with them (I put their kids through college from rotor purchases alone)
I was hoping to get by without a BBK on the M. So far I feel like I'm borderline with race pads but am hopeful that some sort of ducting will get me by. Running 19's is not an option for me. What kind of tires are you running on the track?
Due to the overheating of stock brakes, I've adapted to braking early to reduce the rate of energy input into the rotors. I do still get some issues on long straightaways. Since the Motons are supposed to make me go even faster, I had to get them upgraded

There are 18s that fit the 380mm front kit, which I chose over 355mm kit for heat management. From others on the forums these should be more than adequate.

I run RE-11s on my car. May switch to Yokohama later. Not getting slicks because I do not have a truck or a trailer. Also slicks are very hard to control at the limit.