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Originally Posted by monkiboy48 View Post
Hello, my wife and her cousins are planning a trip to Lausanne, Switzerland late March and hoped you guys could offer some suggestions. My wife and I have a free day from the cousins and wanted to rent a car and go driving through some beautiful roads.

1. Any one know of any good rental companies in the area?

2. We currently drive a e90 M3, what car would be best for those roads; Ferrari, Lamborghini, Audi, Aston Martin, etc.? (I am 26 by the way, which seems to make a difference as there are usually 3 age groups: 23, 25 and 30)

3. If you were to plan an entire day of driving, which route would you take? I am looking for "fun" roads (maybe mountain passes) and beautiful scenery.

4. My wife has a lot of women "boring" sights to see, what about for guys; like watches, e.g. Panerai, etc.?

Thanks for any help you can provide.
Originally Posted by osteome View Post
"Great White"....will hopefully chime in here,

Ok so here I am

Lets start off with:

1. You don´t want to look for a high class rental ( Lambo / Ferrari / Aston ) over here unless you really can lay golden eggs !! It´s not like anyone over here will rent a super sporter in winter for under 1000 a day in Switzerland or at least none that I know, sorry

2. You can rent an E92 M3 from Sixt over here ( in Germany ) for around €79,00 / day if you take the car for more than a week & also have to make an installment of ??? €uros I think there´s an english site on or de.... not to sure however if that offer still applies.

3. Personally I enjoy South-Tirol in Italy or the Black Forrest in Germany for some real fun. If you´re caught speeding in Switzerland you can not only land up without your drivers license but might also find a costly fine way in the thousands (the other day they fined a rich F430 owner SFr 300,000.00 for 35 mph to fast within town limits)
In Germany they´ll slap you on the fingers & ask you to behave

4. Depending on how long you´ll be staying there´s a great amount of stuff to do, depending on the weather of course & where you´ll be staying or travelling to.. if you like watches mabye I can help you out on something here (only via PM though)

Originally Posted by osteome View Post
"Great White" or one of the Swiss members will hopefully chime in here, but if your trip is in late March, you may still find snow at some the higher elevations and perhaps some limited availability of a high performance rentals at that time of year. I am not sure about the specific rental and and high end shopping costs in Switzerland in particular, but it is one of the most expensive countries in Europe from my visits there.

I am sure that you can put together quite the nice day with some of the locals input on this board!
TBH I agree with Osteome here. If the weather sucks which it does here in winter you won´t have fun in the mountains when it comes to driving but if there is a chance of sunshine then do not leave Europe without hitting the world renowned Nürburg ring / Northloop You will regret it. For any car enthusiast it´s just too good to pass up, give the wife & folks some cash or card and take the day off for yourself
Hope I could help & keep in touch if I can help you out anymore