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I went with 20'. I think 18 is the ideal if you track, followed by 19 which I think is the overall ideal. You will also find a wider tire offer with 18/19 than 20. but I don't/won't track the M. it all depends on the wheel design I think. some wheels look big enough in 19 or even in 18, while others might seem like 19's even though they are 20'. Had this happen on my other car, I had 18' at first and they looked terribly small when compared to different 18' rims on same model cars, which is why I went with 20' for the M, the wheel design is similar and was afraid it would look a bit undersized. I think wheels with steplip/normal lip usually appear smaller in size, especially when the face is different color to the lip. concave or straight face with no lip seem to appear according to the size. IMO