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Originally Posted by EJ2000 View Post
But my point is that the old body style coupes could have been 260, 280, or 298 horsepower. Unless you know the specifics of the what model year or could identify the model based on the facelift - it's hard to know which one you went against.

In other words, it'd be like racing a debadged 325i and then saying 328i's or 330i's are overhyped... I wouldn't be surprised if it was close between a 260 hp G35 and a 328i - but it wouldn't be with a 298 horsepower G35.
there is no 260 hp coupe..only sedans r 260 n they r slow as fu**...there are 275hp, 280hp, and 293 coupes....i raced a 280hp auto one and a 280hp stick one...its a bimmer forum n u guys dont believe in the 328 il make a video n post it
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