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So after quite a few weeks I finally got a chance to complete the install of the StopTech BBK. Everything went smoothly, and ST's detailed installation instructions were very helpful.

The only tricky part was disconnecting/reconnecting the brake lines w/o making too much of a mess. I would also not disconnect the stock line until you are ready to install the new caliper/line to minimize fluid loss. (instruction said to remove the stock caliper and line as the first step, then remove stock disc, install ST disk, brake bracket, new caliper, and then install new caliper/line... too much time in between)

As for the dust shields, I completely removed the fronts for better cooling, and only slightly trimmed the rears (instead of trimming them completely per the instructions)

I also replaced all of the nuts and bolts that needed to be reused per BMW instructions.

The "+"
True Plug 'n Play kit. Only minor modification to the dust shields were needed
Detailed instructions
Excellent fit and finish

The "-"
Needed to wash off dust inhibitor from rotors before installation

The Verdict
Very thoughtfully made kit, excellent design and craftsmanship. Love the instructions. Thanks to Ron************ for a great deal! Let's see how they will hold up on the track!

Front kit installtion manual:
Reat kit installtion manual:

More kit pictures:
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