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Originally Posted by OC kid View Post
JAJ: Thanks for the extensive write-up.

Just curious, was the EDC option completely out of the question for you when you decided on your vehicle? In other words, were you against it from the beginning from a technological standpoint, or just knew you wanted something that would exceed the EDC's track performance? Do you expect to get similar (or better) comfort or civility with daily driving in your new set-up, or have you foregone using it as a DD all-together?

Sorry for all of the questions, but your posts got me to thinking...
I've owned some "first generation BMW electronics" before. I've become careful, let's just say.

When I bought the third or fourth E92 M3 delivered by my dealer in March 2008, just as the cars first hit the market in Canada, I knew I didn't want anything they hadn't delivered in production before (except for the S65, and that was a really just copy of the S85 with the VANOS fixed).

The car was inbound when I chose it, and I didn't have the option of EDC. At the time I thought that was a good thing, having just removed the Ground Control suspension from my E39 M5 so I could sell it.

I was pretty sure that I'd eventually upgrade the M3 suspension, and I just couldn't imagine EDC making it easier. Because the car was early delivery, I have 6MT too, since DCT didn't come out for another six months. Again, I'm happy that I don't have it, regardless of how good it finally became after two years of bug fixes.

So the answer to your question is "I was skeptical at the time, so I bought the simplest configuration that was available" on the assumption it would also be the most trouble-free. I wasn't disappointed; the car has been flawless since I picked it up.

As for DD use, in the summer of 2007 I decided that the $3,000 a year I was spending on gas, insurance and parking was a waste of money (it could be better spent on R-Comps, rims and upgrades) so I switched to public transit for commuting. I drive the M3 about 8,000 miles a year now, and a lot of it is highway or track time. I DO want a car that's pleasant to drive, though, even if I don't drive it all the time. Vancouver roads are nasty in some parts of the city, and I want my creature comforts intact.

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