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No oil change in over 7 years in my camry!

I had a 92 camry for a year in college then I bought an audi a4 (used) when I saved up some money. I gave the camry to my dad since his car was stolen and he didnt buy a new one yet. 7 years later and he is still driving the camry with 200k miles on it, never changed the oil yet or rotated the tires, or trans fluid or anything!

His plan was to drive the car until he bought a new one, but he has been happy with the camry and it costs him zero dollars to maintain. He is disabled from a traffic accident and probably only drives 800 miles a month. He says that when it drives funny, he puts air in the tires and thats it. I do believe that he has added oil or coolant when the idiot light goes off as well.

I wonder if I started doing zero maintance on my 335, whether it will last for 7 years. And I wonder if it would last until 200k miles. When my fuel pump dies and im stranded on the side of the road in my 50k 09 bmw, my dads 92 camry will be coming to pick me up.