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Originally Posted by SpecC View Post
I'm 18. I drive a Scion tC to school. When i get back, i switch with my mom to get the E90 330i. I go to college with the tC and it is awful.

So you guys are really just hating on the dumb kids with the cars. I don't exactly not get any nice cars around. It's just that i'm in between having no nice car to drive and getting a nice car to drive. Not every kid is an idiot. When I'm in the E90 though, I like to get up to other E90/2 to see who's in there then if i see that the person is reasonable and nice, I'd wave. So far, I've gotten two crazy looks, 9999 old people or women or old women driving, and about 4 waves back. haha

Gamegates, i'm sure we were all like that at ONE POINT in our lives. It's just that now we've grown up and have a sense in what costs what and how hard some things to attain. I hate the tC but i treasure the E90! My parents are planning ot let me keep it forever and i think i will! I've been the only one taking care of it (ie washing, taking to service). I think this is why they bought it though, so they wouldn't ahve to take care of it. It is the first real car that i like that they'd buy so i'm glad i get the chance to do all this.
What school do you go to since you live in SF? and...driving a tC is better than driving a honda or something. I switch off driving a freaken HONDA CRV and my e90 to school.