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I wouldn't generalize. It all depends on the attitude the kid has towards the car. I agree that it's annoying when teenagers get expensive cars and feel like they deserve it and are entitled to it. I'm 18, I've got a 335i on order. I sure as hell don't feel like I deserve this car. However, I've worked hard and stayed out of trouble for the most part up to this point. Do I deserve the car? No. Do I appreciate it? Yes. I'd be happy driving around in a Jetta. As long as I had something that ran and was reasonably fun to drive, I wouldn't care. There are plenty of kids at my school (and in this country in general) that feel like they deserve the car just because their parents have boatloads of money. For proof, try watching the MTV show "My Super Sweet 16." Bring a trash can with you when you watch it, you'll want to throw up. I saw one episode of that show. The girl on it refused a $65,000 USED Range Rover that was a year old, simply because it was used. Then she cried her eyes out and acted like a little brat because her parents wouldn't get her a brand new one. THAT is annoying. Not all of us are like that, though.
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