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Originally Posted by jml View Post
Great writeup JAJ! Very informative.

Do you think the internal progressive bump circuit and adjustable pressure in the Moton racing shock will help eek out the most perf. from the available travel in the front?
It's actually the spring choice that will have the largest influence on performance in the last two inches of travel. However, once you have the spring picked out, you need a damper that will control the motion of the sprung mass as you transfer weight around under braking, cornering and going over bumps.

Racing dampers have lots of adjustments, and if you get them right, they're awesome. However, I'm positive I don't have the tools to set them up properly, and so if I had them, my probability of disappointment would be pretty high.

The best resource I know of to answer your questions is Dennis Grant's blog:

He's a bit harsh, taking the view that all dampers are junk until proven otherwise, but he's done a lot of damper dyno work and he's been kind enough to share his experience.