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Lol... Yes yes it was a fail. But I really wanted to knock out this retard at the party around 2 am. He had already been hit once at the game fir talking smack by an eagles fan, then he wouldn't even let me pee outside without haggling me. "eagles can't even find a hole" (infering I was gay from previous remarks). Then he tried to hit on my gf and in which he was denied hardcore. He goes to talk to his gay boy troop and I kindly turn around and say, "that hole belongs to this eagle (whle pointing at my gf)". In which his fanboys all turned to him and said, "ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" while pointing and laughing. I felt good about my patience, if I wasn't at a friends the dude would have got knocked out and peed on.
damn dawg, that's messed up