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Originally Posted by 330CIZHP View Post
You sure are not correct on that. Lexus is only making 500 of these over the course of 2 years. Only 150 will be sold in US and only in 10 Canada. 200 are being reserved just for Japan. 60 for all of Europe and rest of the 80 will be sold in smaller markets of Asia, Middle East, Australia, Far east etc.

The only other cars that were carbon fiber supercars were the Porsche Carrera GT and Enzo Ferrari. Both of which were hundred thousands more expensive. Lexus sure believes their product is better than Enzo Ferrari and stand by their product. If you are not aware of it, Lexus weaves its own Carbon Fiber for LF-A, which is 70% of its construction. The chief engineer has claimed LF-A runs "under 7:20 on Nurburgring", but did not go crazy like Nissan did with the GT-R using it as a publicity stunt.

As far as sales are concerned, since all this a halo car meant only to shake things up in the supercar world and to build Lexus' brand image. The last thing Lexus cares about is sales since all the one's to be produced in the first year for US (90 in the first and 60 in the second) were already sold at the beginning of December so Lexus is not even taking anymore orders. Lexus only has 60 more to sell in the 2nd year, which will not begin until end of the year 2010.
OK good piece of information and smart move on Toyota´s behalf. I had no clue soooo few were to be made and sold. Still, I would say this is a relatively unsuccessful stint given that it took a decade (or whatever) and God only knows how much $$$$ to develop and sell only 500. Or do they plan to sell more after then next two years? I think yes, they must want to recover some of that "huge" investment. On the other hand, announcing the sale of only 500 also gives them the flexibility to discontinue the project without looking like idiots if it is too difficult to continue sales after two years.