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Hi Steve,
You are going to find a boat load of opinions on this one. I personally have used anti-seize on spacers and lug bolts for 20+ years with no problems. If you are a member of BMWCCA look at the tech section of Roundel this month (it's consistent with my advice).

Strictly speaking you should not put any anti-seize on any of these parts, particularly the lug bolts as it will affect the torque specification, i.e. risk of over-tightening. However, give your climate (I'm a former Seattle native) I think if you put everything on dry you are almost guaranteed that if they stay on a few months, the first time you try to take them off you will have a bear of a time.

So what to do, clean everything nicely. Apply a very thin, sparing amount of anti-seize to the front and back side of the spacer including the centering ring of the hub (don't use a bunch) same on the lug bolts, just a little bit on a few threads, not all of the threads as it will spread on its own. Lug bolts torque to 88 ft-lbs (when dry), however, I use the same amount with anti-seize. If you are using after-market lug bolts then I would probably take a few pounds off that number, but if OEM you'll be fine at the stock value. Good luck and have fun.