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Arizona Auto Show (No 56K)

I posted this on Club Lexus and I thought I might as well share my pics on here as well, enjoy.

Honda: The Crosstour looked pretty good and very aggressive compared to its competition.

Acura: The ZDX looks very unique and I actually like it a lot. The interior was very nice and soft to the touch much better then the MDX, RX, Q5 or X5...however, the grill needs to be changed; otherwise the designs of Acura is good.

Infiniti: Overall, I love the design and layout of the interior. The G sedan and coupe has too much plastic for my taste though and the leather wasn't as soft as Acura, Lexus, Audi or BMW and when I closed the door it had a hallow thump to it.

Lexus: Every Lexus there impressed me except the HS...the design was very "simple" and "cheap" when you compare it to others in it's price range and the silver color didn't help either, it had the least amount of traffic also. The LS had one of the most stunning interior once you sat inside and the IS-F was a beast.

Audi: To simply put it....awesome, it had the most traffic even more then BMW and with the R8 and every car there with it's LED daytime lights on drawing a lot of people. I found the interior and design to rival BMW and Lexus.