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Installing winter tires: antiseize for spacer and bolts, and torque setting?

I tried searching the forums but got varied answers. This is my first time changing a full set of tires on my own so please bear with me. I have the stock 19" for summertime.

I finally got my Blizzaks from TireRack for my 2009 M3 convertible.

fronts: 235/35R-19 Bridgestone Blizzak LM-60 XL
rears: 255/35R-19 Bridgestone Blizzak LM-60 XL

The rears came with spacers.

I've read varying suggestions for the torque ranging from 88-90 ft-lb. What is the consensus for the newer M3's? I can't find it in the manual.

Also, for the rear spacers, I understand I should put anti seize compound on them, but I'm not sure where: do I put a thin layer on BOTH sides of it? I've read suggestions NOT to put any antiseize on the car's wheel hub but that's where posters have had it stuck.

Also, SHOULD I put a little antiseize on the wheel bolts? I've also read both opinions including the fact antiseize can alter the torque values (?and can it make the bolt come off easier)?

I know these are newbie questions, but I've truly searched and find conflicting answers.