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Originally Posted by japears2 View Post
This is very interesting. I am thinking of trading in my Lotus and getting into an e92 m3. I was originally looking to get an 08 with lower miles. Would getting a different model year or waiting yield a lower loss later on down the road? (P.S. this is my first post but i have been lurking for quite some time)
IMO, get the latest and cheapest M3 that you can get and that matches what you exactly are looking for (colors/options), and if you are financing then the lowest interest rate possible. Leasing is right now a big money dump.

It sounds obvious but if you think about it it is not, as although there are some '09 M3 still on dealer lots (at least 50 MY2009 and 160 MY2010 M3 left nationwide according to autotrader) that could be hit with another round of discounts in the coming weeks just to clear them out, and the same could be happening to those MY2010 after April, if any of those cars is not near what you are looking for then it will not matter how much money you will save.

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