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Originally Posted by drvai View Post

I know this has been discussed, but I was wondering if the people that are choosing the DCT can summarize the reason of their decision.
I have always been a MT person, and really get bored when I don't have a clutch, but if there are reasonable facts maybe I will have to go for the DCT. For example, the launch control feature is something I really would like to have.
1. Unbelievable gear changes with DCT. DCT transforms the M3 into supercar territory as far as feel is concerned! Chalk and cheese compared to manual and I've had both.
2. Quicker than manual every time
3. Wheel spin changing into 2nd and 3rd gear everytime
4. Convenience of auto when you holding a phone, etc
5. Chilled in auto when driving with wife and kids, and trust me that's a plus. Wife hated my 6 manual, Challenge CS, GT2 etc.
6. DCT better than any other paddle transmission!
7. Can be driven better than a manual.