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Originally Posted by JC919 View Post
Dbag response of the day
Your name-calling of someone for voicing an opinion is very telling in and of itself.

Sometimes the truth hurts.

The OP posted pictures on the world wide web and asked for thoughts. Did that mean only positive or politically correct responses were allowed?

My post was heartfelt, perhaps harsh, but not meant to be hurtful. Look, if you want to run gold-plated emblems, paint your calipers purple, or put racing stripes wherever you can make them fit, great! It's your car- you've got to drive it, just don't go posting pictures asking the public for opinions and get upset when someone is critical...

For JC919, the OP, and any other poilitically correct here among us, this is the "PC- approved" version of my earlier post:

Rather than enhancing the beauty of the OEM the "time-attacks", red roundels, and painted calipers do just the opposite-distract from the exclusive stance and lines of the car, homogonizing the M division's pride and joy with the dredges that attend "cruise-night" and the like.

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