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Originally Posted by akak1997 View Post
I's in a discussion with a friend about CVT VS Auto VS DSC/DCT VS Manual and I just couldn't understand why it isn't being widely adapted or even replace automatic is most econ cars.

for those who don't know, CVT (continuously variable transmission) is a Very Expensive and simple transmission that doesn't require a torque converter that sap power, and allows engine to run at max performance or best fuel economy rev range. Why isn't it become more available, especially when fuel price is on the rise?

Some people complains about the gearbox isn't as FUN as convention manual or auto, where you hear the engine revs up and down. But isn't this what Electric Cars gonna do as well? It will definitely need some getting use to the constant humming of the engine at one RPM... also when I's playing GT5 Prologue, the electric car is actually hard to drive fast coz there's no gear change, it's harder to get use to than I thought...

So what are you thoughts on this?

Fixed it for you...