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Originally Posted by Technic View Post
The only thing that could help is that BMW have cut considerably the M3 production, so used M3 supplies should match more or less the used market in the long term, thus keeping some semi-decent resale values... but just not in the near term at all, IMO.
Yeah, I figured that they could try to let the current supply catch up with demand. But, many of the leased 2008s will be joining the market, too, and that could complicate things. I've been toggling back and forth between new (2011) and used. Last week, I set an acceptable Summer target for a 2008, e.g., a price that, if reached before August of this year, would seriously have me thinking about getting into a used M this year rather than a new one next year. Just today, I found an acceptable car. At $2K less than my target. It does not have the CF roof, but other than that, it has what I want. Now, I figure that I've got 7 months to look for the right vehicle at acceptable price points.