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Originally Posted by KingJaffeJoffer View Post
Aren't the 2008-2010s in for some immediate depreciation? These vehicles will be prematurely aged by 6 months will they not? LCIs are one thing, but moving up the model year rollout by 6 months would seem to have some profound implications. How does BMW move the 500+ 2010s in the US without discounts?
The MY2008 already depreciated at least $6000 just by Sept 2008, with a one-two-three punch of the MY2009 introduction, the new iDrive introduction and the economic crash of 2008.

Then by January 2009, the other one-two punch was an additional $7500 trunk money of leftover MY2008 M3 on top of any other incentives and discounts -the infamous $69,745 M3 selling at $49,000- and some MY2009 M3 selling already at invoice.

The fact of the matter is that the E9x M3 has been deeply depreciating since at least June 2008 at a much more quicker rate than the E46 M3, because every time BMW have some trunk money or discounts on the M3 the depreciation shoots up more than the "standard" depreciation of just model years passing by. The 6-months MY2010 run -already selling at $8000 below MSRP in at least one dealer- and the MY2011 LCI are just another one-two nails in the depreciation coffin.

The only thing that could help is that BMW have cut considerably the M3 production, so used M3 supplies should match more or less the used market in the long term, thus keeping some semi-decent resale values... but just not in the near term at all, IMO.