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Originally Posted by ganeil View Post
Of course the UN Resolutions were still binding under international law and your analysis of the polling data is absurd. Just because 60% of the US currently disapproves of the President's job performance does not men they, "think that Bush is a lying idiot that put us into this mess for self gratitude..."

Your inability to articulate a position without hyperbole is disappointing.
Man, looks like I missed some of your previous answers...
One of them is when you put the Debt vs. GDP ratios of other countries to show us how great we are. I never said we're the worst of the developed world -- far from there. My whole point is -- there are better, much better places than here.

As for the comment above -- actually, I do think (and stick to it) that 65% of Americans think that Bush is incompetent for his job and that he is a lying bastard.

Again, I am not sure about your previously mentioned UN resolution that talks about the Iraq in 1990. The Security Council had a meeting before this war and they did not approve it. Therefore, why would they even meet if the resolution was already valid???