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Originally Posted by bmargolis View Post
I was considering an M3 Competition Coupe before I ordered my 335i E92. It had Nav, SMG, and little else. It did not have power seats or premium. It did NOT even have Xenon lights. (which was nearly a deal breaker for me) It was right around 60k and the dealer was not really willing to do too much on the price, as they were getting hard to find in August, when I was looking.

My 335i stickers at a smidge under 50k, pretty loaded. I figure, using some past experience logic that BMW's going to MSRP the M3 at about 63k. Once a few things are added in, it can get close to 70k, not even considering the "premuim" that they will ask for at least the first six months. That makes the car nearly impossible to get at MSRP until close to 2009.

As everyone else, I'm guessing. I would love to have an E92 M3 for $63k with everything that I want in a car, I just don't know if that will ever happen.

Agreed, with the competition package they could easily top $60k. I don't know that BMW will introduce a similar package in the beginning. It was used to keep an aging model fresh to the consumer; albiet a nice option.

I am first on the list at one dealer and third with another. Neither dealer is charging anything over MSRP nor do they add unwanted options. I can equip each car as I choose. I think the majority of dealers do not mark these cars up. Of course, for the unfortunate soals in Ca. or similar states, that might not be the case.