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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
How many cars can you name that have different front bumper (covers) as an OEM option. I can think of precisely zero.
BMW frequently offers aero-kits for non M-cars, and the aero front on the e92 looks more agressive than this rendition of the new M. Porsche offers a very different aero front bumper (w/ aero package) for the non GT-x 911's. It's a nice option, and a cash cow for the maker. I like the idea of the M-3 being a bit understated, but adding a aero package for those who want the more agressive look. I personally think that the e9x cars look better with the less agressive trim... it just goes with the design, IMHO, but many M-owners will want more visual bling for differentiation from the 335i's, as if the engine note, badges, hood, and fender bulges arent enough.