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Originally Posted by Tuned1 View Post
Time to buy some stock in Brembo. Auto manufacturers have been putting Brembo's on many OEM products lately.

Car looks great too.

It's been that way for years, they just weren't using the name on high performance models for marketing purposes like they have been recently. They've been supplying OEMs since the early '80s, but no one really knew who they were.

At some point they entered the aftermarket with their own branding, and built a good name for their products. The automakers realize that, and it's mutually benificial for both companies at this point to openly advertise who they're using. There are actually Brembo brakes on a lot of non-performance vehicles as well, they just don't paint the calipers and put their name on them.

Sort of the same thing with BBS wheels. They've built a strong aftermarket presence, but there are OEM wheels out there that are made by BBS that you'd never know.