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I disagree

Originally Posted by replicat View Post
No. no no! The E92 M3 is vs the Current RS4, not the E46 vs RS4! Thats no fair!
I guess I misunderstood your post. Not fair because the E46 M3 loses?? You can not compare E90/E92 M3 vs. RS4 if you do not also compare it with E46 M3. You can't only accept comparos when BMW wins!

The Current E46 M3 is the direct competitor to the RS4. Audi beat BMW to the market in this segment with a great V8 and 400+ hp. Sure the E46 M3 does not have 4 doors but these cars are absolutely competitors. We all have to admit that by most measures of pure performance RS4>E46 M3 (except perhaps in the fun to drive category). When the E92 comes out it will also be a direct competitor to the RS4 (even though they are just about done making/selling those). I think we are all pretty darn certain E92 M3>RS4. Then the most direct competitor the E90 M3 will come out and E90 M3>RS4. Finally Audi will finish the design and release of it's next super sedan and that will probably be > E92/E90 M3 and etc. back and forth. Well the victor may not bounce back and forth with every release as it did take Audi a very long time to unseat any M3.