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Originally Posted by oldkingdom View Post
Hey SilverTT -

Anyway... back to your question... the wheels came from a local wheel shop here in Los Angeles, but they're the more accurate italian M5 type reps... the ones WITHOUT the little lip around the edge. They fade out to the tire line just like the actual M5 wheels. Anyway, they're 8.5x19 and 9.5x19 wearing 235/35's up front and 275/30's in the rear. It's a nice set up. I like it anyway. I have to say though... it looks way better and more "settled" in person than it does in the pics I posted. I'm not gonna play... it's no e92 M3, but it's damn good.
Definitely hear you on the M3 stuff. I still can't get over how excited people get for a car that they are willing to pay $5-15k over sticker fully knowing it will be at MSRP in 6-9 months and then below MSRP within 18 months. But I guess some people have cash to burn. Would be nice.

Oddly enough I'm not even struggling with the M3 vs. 335i thing so much right now... I am having a much tougher time with the 335i vs. RS4 comparison because I need a car right now, not umm...welll.....who the hell knows when it will come out or at least get a finalized spec sheet.

Benefits of 335:
-ride quality and BMW roadfeel
-techno gizmos (I could really use the active cruise control in the NY traffic)
-steptronic (I usually buy sticks, but I think I might do this one in step since its supposed to be really good and I will be driving 50 miles a day in traffic)
-gas mileage (this is a clear winner here, probably by 2x 335 over RS4)
-price is very reasonable for what you get

Benefits of RS4:
-exclusivity (definitely WAY more rare than the 335)
-AWD (again in the NE this is a real consideration, aside from the launch benefits)
-sound (I come from the LS1 chevy world so I love a sick sounding V8)
-styling (I have to admit I much prefer the look of the RS4, although I do like the 335)

Now all these things considered, the RS4 is easily $20k MORE expensive with similar options. Insurance will be much more too I'd imagine. Is it worth it? I think it might be, but my more practical side really wants the active cruise control and the steptronic.....

Tough call.

As for the rims:

Can you buy them online?
How much were they for the set?
What are the matching tires you have on there?

Thanks bro! Enjoy the car.