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Originally Posted by darkcloud View Post
My rents had a 00 Mountaineer back in the day. I used to steal that car constantly. The car was great! Fast, fun, AWD, and a pretty decent factory sound system. The sub used could hit low real hard.

I remember putting cars in their place all the time off the line with that car . I vaguely remember a guy at the Merc dealership telling me dudes with change would buy Stang GT's and the Mountaineer and doing engine swaps cuz the Mountaineer made like 20-30 more hp because it was tuned differently or something. The dude could have been talking out his ass for all I know, never really looked into it.

Glad to see the 5.0 coming back though. Ford is doing some good stuff. I hope Chevy is taking notes.
Id believe it

Ive taken 00 Stangs off the line in my Merc. Mine even handles pretty well. It has a little known SVT H/O package. It adds stiffer bushings and a stiffer suspension, I honestly think that my 135i has more body roll than this truck. It also has a class III tow system, which adds bigger water and oil coolers, a beefed up electrical system and slightly more powerful brakes.

And why do you want Chevy to take notes?