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Originally Posted by enigma View Post
You must never have driven a Supra. Nice and fast but the on/off nature of the turbos made them a trip to try to drive on a track.

I bet Swamp's ~3700 lbs guess is close. Its got a fundamentally better front suspension than the BMW. If they get the springs and shocks right it would put up a good fight. However, its unlikely they will give it enough tire to cope with the extra weight.

I would put it as a slight edge to BMW assuming Lexus sticks with their traditional soft spring/shock package. If they don't, it will be trouble.
I owned a BPU Supra. Very much on/off like you say. Not that it was gutless at low RPMs, but when turbo #2 hit you got an avalanche of torque all at once. The single turbo Supra I got a ride in was even more severe. Lots of fun but not a road course car. My E39 M5 is a better balanced, more confidence inspiring machine at all speeds, even if it isn't as fast in a straight line.

Back to this IS-F. It gives me a headache to look at it from the rear. The side skirts and front fascia are too pronounced. It looks desperate to prove itself, like the tough kid in a boy band. I have no doubt it'll be fast and composed, but at the end of the day, it'll still be a luxury GT car dressed in boy racer clothes.

And I don't see BMW's //M division losing much sleep over this IS-F. The real competition is going to be the RS4, C63, and perhaps the 911/Cayman S.