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Oil Pan

It has been a frustrating past couple of days. Here is the story.

I brought my car into a toronto bmw dealership due to warning message, it turns out a pump related to the fuel systems needed to be replaced and would be covered by warranty. No issue.

Subsequently the SA informed me that the oil pan is cracked and leaking (due something that I must hit on the road). It is puzzling since I had not noticed any oil leaking before. The cost is over $2,500 in parts and labour.

Due to the cost I decided to have the insurance company (having no at fault accident I am using up my one freebie) look at it. But (my bad) I deleted the rental car clause in my policy.

I just received a message from the BMW SA that the part is on back order and it will take 10-15 business days before they get the part and that they do not have any loaner cars. I also had to be proactive an call in to get updates. Not the level of service I was expecting.

Morale : 1)be careful because replacing a cracked oil pan is an expensive and potentially time consuming endeavour. 2) Don't be thrifty the rental car clause has it's use.