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Originally Posted by shift@red View Post
Nope. Youre wrong. Please see the link below where the Cayenne Turbo S out-slalomed the X5M AND had better grip numbers, and IS faster on the top end.


Lane change = 66.0 mph
Skidpad = .91


lane change = 63.3
Skidpad = .89

So yes, better handling and grip for the cayenne turbo s. 2.7 mph in the lane change is a sizeable difference too.
Ahh, you are correct. I was looking at the wrong section. I am sincerely sorry. Cayenne is indeed very fast and I'm actually quite surprised because it has relatively skinny tires compared to the X5/X6M. Impressive performance. Really, I'm with you. I prefer the CTS over the X5/X6M and it turns out it pulls harder Gs. I just find it hard to justify 140K on a fast SUV. The X5/X6M posts similar numbers on the skidpad and the CTS edges them out just a bit. All for 50,000 more? That's a sizable amount of change. On the top end, the Cayenne does pull on the X5, especially after the quarter mile. Cayenne Turbo S performance for the price of a Cayenne GTS? I quite like that.