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Originally Posted by Norsk View Post
Yep I know; I just hope it does not have the face of that Manta Ray or a krill scooping fish

It can have it's own thing, but I just hope it will look good ... as I think we all agree that the front bumper and apron of a modern sports car can make such a difference in it's look as well as it's perception.

Oh well, I hope they pull finish the final details with something nice ... If I don't like it; I guess I will stick to my 335i, I love every inch of it from every single angle
i love the 335i too, but the M3 is so wide, wider the better . better handling for us crazy drivers, not that NY state troopers are getting any nicer. im really excited about the rear facia, it looks as though there will be a full diffuser on the back this revision, and im in love with that idea. better aerodynamics as well as a sick rear end -- carbon fiber, anyone else feel the love?