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Originally Posted by shift@red View Post
I was on the other hand looking for the best handling, lighter, most agile/nimble SUV, that also has the most road feel, and that is the Cayenne GTS. it may not have the staight line power, but the way it drive is so much better and more fun, and I have driven all the cayennes and nearly all versions of the x5/x6.
i know what you mean, i have driven the GTS too, it has a different feeling then the X5 M
Originally Posted by shift@red View Post
See the link above. Which car has a better 0-130 mph time? Thats right...the cayenne turbo S. The rest of the times are neck and neck to 100 mph. After that ther cayenne turbo s pulls away. Cayenne turbo s has better lane change (handling) numbers, and better grip (even though rear contact patch on the x5m is bigger). it also has better braking too!
well i guess that's what you get when you pay an extra 50 grand more for a non-fully loaded turbo S, start adding some options and your already up another 10 grand easily. i'd rather have the X5 M, get a tune which i herd evo tech is working on, apparently it has a 70HP gain? im guessing with exhaust and everything else too.