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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
Read most of "Thread II" on E90 M3 over there tonight. Some serious bickering at thh beginning. You seem pretty active over there. Who is this Scott fellow? Does he have credibility? Does he work for BMW or a supplier or marketing firm or something. Some of his comments sound smart and right on but his comments about the US release date seems totally bogus to me. Of course I don't want to believe them either, but isn't it just impossible for a 2008 model year not to come out in the US in 2007 (let alone summer 2008 as Scott stated). One big slip up totally questions ones credibility in my eyes.
Scott is said to work for BMW. But i can't say what exact he's doing, maybe it's the marketing division or some kind of management. His credibility over at germancarzone is about 200 %!! Anyway Scott is not always spot-on. But I personally think that the misinformation could be intentionally.

As far as the US introduction goes I remember the M5 had a massive delay: It was launched in the US a half year later than in Europe!

BTW Scott did also claim that most of the information Jussi gave on this forum was nonsense...

So I would expect the M3 Concept in Geneva!!!

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