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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
Since the M5, which is also likely under-rated, probably puts out about 530 bhp just lopping off 2 cylinders with NO OTHER improvements to hp/l (unlikely since that engine is about 3+ yrs old, counting development) yields 424 bhp. A 15% drive train loss yields 360 rwhp. Also in the thread above I argue why the car will almost for sure be as fast or faster than the M5, 0-60, maybe 0-80 (unlikely after that). The M5, despite its weight is FAST, low 4s 0-60!
To support the M5's 530 HP, it (a 4100 lb car, weight to power of >8) ran the 1/4 mile at 12.5 secs at 118 MPH (with SMG) according to Car and Driver!!!! Compare this to a C6 Corvette (non-Z06) that weights 3250 lbs, has 400 HP (same weight to power as M5 and more torque) and runs high 12s at 112-114.


If they can keep the M3 between 3500 and 3600 lbs I will consider this a success and decently light (for this day and age of performance tanks).