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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
Well the IS350 is about 3520 (w/aluminum V6). The engine, brakes, wheels/tires, exhaust, etc. of the IS-F might add (very rough guesses) 75, 25, 25, 20, 50 lb. So my guess is about 3725, unless they made a concerted low weight effort. With a very concerted effort maybe they could keep it down to 3650?? My bet on the E90 M3 weight is 3500
I agree, I think it'll weigh roughly 200 lbs more than the IS350. There was no mention at the press conference of any effort to make this thing lighter with body panels, suspension components or sound deadening. Basically, it sounds like they keeping the luxury while enhancing the performance. But this performance comes with a cost, they're adding a bunch of weight to the front of this thing like the V8 engine, larger transmission, oil coolers and bigger brake rotors. It would have been ideal for them to move the battery to the trunk for better weight distribution, but it's right there in the engine bay still. And the engine cover, they could have done away with that. Why wouldn't they want to show off the engine. So it's all these items that make it seem that it will not quite be the performance match for the upcoming M3.