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Originally Posted by coaster View Post
(1) E46 was the best looking 3-series ever. But to each his own.

(2) the factory E92 is not an ugly car. But the more I look at it, the more I yawn

(3) The main reason to buy BMW is all-around performance, so they better not screw the new M3.

Let me say that unlike many guys here who expect miracles from the new M3 I don't. They got 270 RWHP from the 3.2 liter engine. How much do you think they'll get out of the 4 liter? How about (4/3.2) x 270 = 338 RWHP. So let's not get our expectations too high, they can't perform miracles ya know.

I think they will barely pass the 400 BHP number. I will be thrilled if I am wrong.
As I see more, I like E92 more than E46.
Though if I get to go back couple months when I could order E46 M3, I'd get one without doubt because it still makes me drool whenever I see moded M3.

Yesterday I was reading a magazine from bookstore waiting for someone and I noticed that they put IS-F, new M3, GTR, and new vette aka blue devil on same page to compare one to another.
My point is that whenever all of them gets released to market in US, I hope that new M3 doesn't get the lowest rating out of all of these 4 cars.

I doubt that this is going to happen because when E90 came out and tested with 7/8 cars, it had the highest rating.

Don't get a wrong idea though, I am not judging cars based on how magazines rate these cars. I use them as a reference when I purchase it.

I have a faith in BMW so...
DON'T LET ME DOWN! :rocks: