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Originally Posted by replicat View Post
My turn!

I see 335i's daily here in L.A. and the car is simply amazing in person, and menacing at night. The E92 M3 is going to be all that and more.

Next, I think that the pre-face lifted E46 is the greatest looking BMW ever, and the E92 cannot top that...But what it can do is provide a solution to all of us that don't like the immasculine* lady-like "futuristic" garbage we are seeing coming out.

And finally the E92 will outperform the E46 in everyway other than looks (until we get settled in with it) My predicted figures are 0-60mph 4.5, 3525lbs, 'Ring time under 8mins, and 435HP which will be underrated by BMW to 415...which I hope for 365rwhp....


It seems that many manufacturers are underrating their engines. So I would compare apples to apples. If 415 bhp is underrated with BMW it's comparable to 415 bhp being underrated elsewhere. In other words, I don't think 415 bhp (claimed) is enough.