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Lets be honest

Okay I see a lot of "nay saying" going on throughout the BMW community when it comes to the E92 M3. So lets be honest for a second about some things.

Without even seeing the numbers yet you can bet that regardless of everything else, this thing is going to out perform all previous M3's. BMW has never let us down when it comes to its M3 performance. The E36 (Euro or even US version) was faster and performed better than the E30 it replaced. The E46 M3, although heavy, still out performs most E36's. Especially the US spec version. Keep in mind that the outgoing M3 is a beast and anything better is going to be awesome. I have no doubt that the E92 will be fast fast fast. Has BMW ever let us down when it comes to performance? The simple answer is no! So lets move on from this banter about how it will peform..its going to be sick

Okay this is a good topic! For a base comparison lets look at the 335i. Several magazines have already reported track/road course times of the 335i to be on par with that of the outgoing M3 they tested. That is just awesome for a car that has an open diff and run flat tires. Now we know the current M3 is going to have an awesome locking diff, improved suspension, better brakes, and bigger stickier tires. I dont know about you but this says to me that the new M3 will probably get around a track/road course a little faster than the outgoing version. And the outgoing version was awesome! So moving on....

Well, looks are always subjective but I have yet to see an M car I have not liked. Some of you dont like the way the 335i looks and thus you expect to hate the way the new M looks. I guess its possible you could be dissapointed, but I doubt it. The M5 is gorgeous, the Z4M and M coupe are gorgeous, the M6 is probably the only "okay looking" one of the bunch but its still very pretty (especially next to an Audi). Honestly, how many M cars in BMW history would you say are ugly? Do you honestly believe that this is the one time BMW is going to make an Ugly M3? I highly doubt it. Anyway, this is probably the one subject where everyone needs to slide off of the edge of their seat and sit back and relax. Wait for BMW to clean up their Mules and get the nasty black tape off. I personally dont think we have seen anything but dirty, bent, taped up, dented, and abused BMW mules that represent maybe 15% of the cars true beauty.....