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Hey Spicoli,

1. Right now I do not have the tracks offered with elevations. That would raise the price considerably for one and also it would be very hard to gather all that data for each track. However I can have that done as a special order if I can get my hands on the elevations for the track. I mainly was just trying to keep the price down on the basic models the best I could.

2. As far as other colors go, that is on a per order basis. The black is the standard and any other colors can be requested. The color you see will be formica so any color formica comes in can be done. It sounds like you are trying to possibly do multiple colors on the same track. Are these supposed to be side by side like the M3 badge all the way around the track? That would be extremely difficult but I can look into it.

I know there are a million little different things that could be done with these but I finally had to stop pulling my hair out over it and just offer the product a certain way to get it out there. I think the feedback from you guys and others will help me gauge what most people are looking for.