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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
Well you might say LS-F may compete with a chipped 335i but comparing a modded car to a stock one is almost always a poor comparison. LS-F by its specs and by it direct market positioning by Lexus is competing against the new M3. LF-A with 2 doors only, V10, approx. 500 hp, approx. $100k is hardly competing with the E90 M3. I would say M6 would be the closest BMW competitor to LF-A.
Well, with the M3's weight advantage, more engine power from a smaller block (I expect 420 HP minimum), better transmission in SMGIII, and better suspension I don't expect the ISF to be anywhere near the new M3 in performance --including straight line.

What exactly did they do with the ISF? They took their IS-350, put in a larger motor, larger brakes, 8-speed automatic tranny, new exhaust. Then add some minor styling changes to the body and push it out the door as a competitor to the M3. Oh please ... I don't see any kind of new technology here that will bring about a new level of performance out of this car. I hope I am wrong and willing to wait for the testing reviews but I just don't see this car being revolutionary in any way. Now if they price it at $45K ... :rocks:

As for the chipped 335i it doesn't involve any hardware modding, just ~$1K worth of software so in my mind it's OK to compare it both with this car and the new M3.

Finally I expect the lexus LF-A to have kick-ass performance that should put it ahead of the new M3 (although not by much). But if you are into 2-door cars, it's gonna be hard to beat the price-performance proposition that will be offered in the upcoming Nissan GTR.

These are good times to be in the market for a fast car ...