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Cant count on press release specs at all

Originally Posted by coaster View Post
Well, disappointing in that they barely reached the magic round number of 400 HP out of a 5 liter V8 engine when pre-release rumors had them at 425, 440 and even 500 HP. I tuned in to their broadcast expecting to hear mid 400's in power with 4.5s at worse in 0-60 and naturally I was dissapointed.

The 0-60 time of 4.9s better be stated very conservatively because the factory standard 335i sedan has tested at 4.8s already. Until C&D saves at least 0.4s off the Lexus stated time I am afraid the 335i is the shit for price-performance.

I will wait for the test-drive reviews but it looks like this car ain't gonna cut it for me. It's either the new M3 or the chipped 335i with yet-to-be-released performance package.

Please M3 don't dissappoint!
Even though you can't trust the "specs" given at such a launch there is some things to be learned. Lexus said OVER 400 hp and LESS than 4.9 sec for 0-60. If they are as conservative at BMW (say for instance with the 335i specifically) it should be a great performer (at least wrt raw numbers). Also the 350 tq figure will one up both 335i and E92 M3. Either way I am still a believer that they won't get the handling and feel anywhere close to an M3 in this first release. I'd never buy it with an auto though even with paddle shifters, way too much hp loss in the tranny. It has been stated many times but competition is certainly a good thing. Let the games begin.