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Anyone considering the RS4?

I stopped by the Audi dealership today and I have to say that the RS4 is a beautiful car. Are any of you considering scooping one of these up before the E92 M comes out? If so, what are you debating?

Here's what comes to my mind:

RS4 Pros:
- Can get one fairly quickly
- Pretty unique and rare to see one on the road whereas in 4 years there will be tons of M3s
- Holds value fairly well because they limit production on them

RS4 Negs:
- Only available for one year? (is this true?)
- Orders are ending in a month or so (is this true?)
- Snout is ugly
- Resembles a VW on the inside
- Not many sold so there isn't much of an online presence (tuners, parts, forums, etc.)

M3 Pros:
- Probably will look great
- It's an M3
- Beasty

M3 Negs:
- Wait time
- 1st year in production
- Could be more expensive than an RS4

Anyone else going through the same turmoil or similar?