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Originally Posted by thatarchitect View Post
I don't know whether you guys like racing or not but I just started this company...

I figured it would be a good alternative for motorsport enthusiasts who want to upgrade from posters.

Let me know what you guys think!
Really cool idea! I love the concept of incorporating your favorite track into a work of art, something to hang on your wall. Couple question though.

1. Do these carvings show track elevation? It would be a cool treat to the eye to watch the angles change shape as you walk by, kind of like in architecture.

2. Colors?? I know you mentioned you could customize them but which do you offer and when can you get them? I'm into the idea of yellow, red & blue. Calder-esque, if you will.

Originally Posted by Nawaaz View Post
Thank you Tom!

I'm calling Mike right away!

I'll see if he can save my day...
Mike at BMS in Houston? If so, be sure to do a flyby down Kirby so I can hear that exhaust...