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Not really

Originally Posted by junaid786 View Post
if the magazine photos are official releases then why would this m3 still have it's camo on ? this also proves the photos are fake i'm not so sure i like this mesh design either, the e46 m3 had big solid bumpers, the mesh makes the design less aggressive from what i can see SO FAR)
The mag is definitely not official, this we know (read all threads on that topic). I guess this is obvious: Nothing so far is "proof" of anything. The existence of a prototype design that is very different than p-chops based on "official" design sketches is not inconsistent at all. Multiple designs have surely been sketched, considered and probably even prototyped as well. I would not be suprised at all to learn that some of the mules we have seen have one diffuser design and others another hiding under the camo. The final design may be a center diffuser or two side diffusers, we won't know until we know something truly official. Until them all we will likely see is camo.