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Originally Posted by enigma View Post
2:03 is a really good time for an E36 M3. Most of the people I know that drive similar cars are stuck in the 2:07+ range.

The Elise is a hard car to drive fast at the track. You cannot slow down or bleed much speed since it takes a long time to get going again. It also doesn't really like the super smooth driving style that most cars reward. It took me a while to adjust after leaving the M3.

Here is a good lap in the Elise at Laguna. Ok good up to T11, read comments below the video as to what happened:

Full session on google, lower quality, including a battle with Z06

Same track in the M3 from a while back. Wasn't as agressve back then. The M3 was on fairly stiff springs 525/600, stock drivetrain, PSCs on stock wheels.

Notice the drastic diffrence in the steering wheel inputs. The M3 rewards smooth, gentle inputs while the lighter car can be tossed around a lot more.
Kick ass lap! I love sliding around turn 11, too. The lift throttle 2nd gear slide is the best way around that corner in the M3 (prevents it from pushing). Tried the same thing in the S2K and nearly looped it (yes a bit more tail happy than the M).

I haven't taken lap times at Laguna in a couple years. I posted a good battle with a GT3 on youtube:

1:42 is an amazing time at that track, though. I think I was running 1:48 back then, so even with the 255 rubber on the car now and some more tricks up my sleeve 1:42 would be quite a feat.

I will be there with my 06 Civic Si (commuter car) and the data logger. I'll be psyched if I can better 1:58 on my all-season street tires